Project Description

giorgetti-1Giorgetti has always stood out in the panorama of design furniture not only for tradition and manual skills that have not been lost in time, but also for the high quality and research in the choice of raw materials. Wood, fabric, leather, metal and marble are only some of the materials it prefers in the production of pieces, always in search of excellent quality but also those special finishes that give rise to unique products. Examples of this are the Norah and Tilt chairs which Giorgetti presented at the 2015 Salone del Mobile. The former is a masterpiece of cabinet-making in solid walnut canaletto wood, whose continuous line connects the whole skeleton from the arm to the legs in a single shape, completed by the main body which combines the seat and the back, making this piece unique and exclusive. On the other hand, Tilt is an innovative armchair that offers a new standard of comfort, for a product that follows the movement of those taking a seat in its enveloping shape, thanks to an ergonomic system able to create a pleasant and faint rocking movement.
The encounter between craftsmanship and technology, between design, understood as the culture of design and the capacity of interpretation show how in Giorgetti the company’s production is linked to craftsmanship and cabinet-making which co-exist with innovation and the industrial component.