Project Description

flexform_011 Country, Italy, where the products are Thought & Made
One single headquarters for production, one single headquarters for management, in Italy, in Meda, just outside Milan. Here is where the Flexform collection was born, in the heart of the Brianza production district, cradle in the ’60s to great Italian design, today famous throughout the world. Flexform produces locally. It is all Made in Italy, Made in Meda.

1 Italian Family at the Helm of the Company
In 1959 the Galimberti brothers started up a handcrafts workshop that they called Flexform by Galimberti. They make sofas and they upholster chairs that end up in the beautiful buildings in Milan, in the villas overlooking Lake Como. Their children in the ’60s transform the workshop into an industry and in 1967 the Flexform company goes public with the brand that still today is known throughout the world. The company starts to export abroad, first off in Europe and then overseas. And the Flexform style arrives in America, Asia and Australia.